Here is the culmination of my artistic Education, which consisted of the following:

Sheridan College

Honours Diploma,Art Fundamentals


Grade: Honours

This program was very effective and promoted my development of my visual and technical skills, as well as my appreciation of art. The instructors promoted my improvements, rather than hinder my improvement.

The instructors strongly recommended that I NOT proceed into the animation program at Sheridan College.

Sheridan College

-,Classical Animation


Grade: -

This program was a hindrance and did not promote my development of my visual and technical skills, as well as my appreciation of animation. The instructors hindered my improvements, rather than promote my improvement.

I wanted to practise animation, but with only ten animation assignments for the whole year, and not one longer than ten seconds, the program seemed to attempt to groom me to work at a studio that would receive a subsidy to hire a grad.

Everything I learned about animation up to 1994 was from the book "From Script to Screen" by Shamus Culhane. The only thing I learned from this program was a result of the extra assignments I gave myself, or the creative challenges I created out of the assignments offered, for which I promptly received a failing grade.

The only redeeming occurence was the recommendation that I investigate the Liason of Independent Film of Toronto (LIFT), given to me by a camera room attendent. I completed a six minute 35mm animated film at LIFT in 2008

Art Fundamentals Intensive - January to April 1993

Classical Animation - 1993 - 1994 - first year of three