04 Lawn Maintenance Whoopee !

( to the tune of “I've been working on the railroad” )

I've been swinging a small engine

All the live long day

I've been swinging a small engine

Just to trim your grass away

Lord, you know this makes too much noise

By law I'm protected

Still, as you go to the office

You pass by giving me heck !

I've been packing a small engine

'Round ev'rything you've paved

I've been packing a small engine

Just to make long grass blow 'way

I will dance 'round like I'm Irish

I'm your biggest leprechaun

Moving 'round so quickly, you think

you won't hit me with your car

You may affirm boldly

The road was made for cars

But as you pull out of your driveway

A sidewalk cyclist door's your car

Is this absolutely needed

Ev'ry day after eight

No, not really on the days off

But only with holidays

You may know you still have three days

But we won't ever pass two

You're relaxing on your short lawn

As we trim gently round you

Ev'ry day of the whole week

We must agricate

And though it isn't even worth it

We agree to again work late

You will gladly overtake time

Ev'ry chance you get

Making much more for the same work

That we will never get

That way you can be home

Longer on weekends

And have a big, extra large pizza

Or not cook Uncle Ben's

That is truly clearly preferred

To a career you freely chose

And, again, as you're relaxing

Catch my finger blow my nose!