05 Ain't Gettin' Out

to the tune of HALLABALOO CANECK CANECK – Texas A&M University


Oh my God, we ain't gettin' out
Oh my God, we ain't gettin' out
Good luck to all you novice dum morons
We ain't gettin' out until you all give up
'Cuz you're blowin' stuff into the wind
And if not, you're blowin' all the mulch up
You might consider that to go home today
It would be good to finish in the light
'Cuz we could put on all of our safety glasses
But we're not equipped with any miner's lights
Still crew leader's eyes are firmly fixed on you
He'll see you screw up in your sleep
Hey wake up !
So find sense in what you're doing this moment
Or you're purposeless,
really lost,
drop dead now or you're gonna' get hurt !

Oh dear crew leader,
May I use the washroom'
Oh is there none here
I guess I must take the truck
Would anyone like
A cool refreshing drink
As I tend to my business
I know that you'll be thirsting
Working while I'm sitting there
On my porcelain throne
I would stay if I could
Please don't be angry
One day you too must take a big honking crap
Please remember to give
Is better than to take
And in taking
We all know that we'll receive