11 Picken' Up De Bris

to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic


Glory, Hoary dum employment,

In which I'm s'pos'ta find enjoyment,

He's knocking round my life,

In my hand He's put a knife,

I'll discern He's leading on . . .

When winter's not over and the spring has not yet sprung,

We'll be walking swingin' pickers round the mess your lot's become,

And hunt the vicious litter of beastly consumerdom,

Now that God's blessing's come . . .

verse one


You may think this insincerely that I'm pleading oh so dear,

That you battle the temptation to replace the litter here.

I know that sanitation is the place that you reside

In your mind that collects garbage so you can through it outside.

If you ate your own advice I would still think it so nice

To bless your empty mind .

verse two


God is always with me because every day I see

The task he lays before me as they fall out of the trees.

The knowledge that he's blessed me is rare and precious too.

I just hope that in His daily work before His shift he poos.

'Cuz there are things that cannot ever of be lawfully disposed.

I'm sure you've come across them with, if not your shoe, your nose.

A massive steaming pile so fresh can surely be an awesome sight.

A novice will ignore or even run away with fright.

But I'm a seasoned veteran and I do know what to do -

I will bless and affirm you.

verse three


The last verse is abhorrent I do full truly agree.

God would never drop his crap from cultivated trees.

In the wild you would not find it so there I'd rather be.

And abandon all the help that you so dearly bless on me.

'Cuz culture is a good thing and it's progression is true:

And you know that from my mouth it is progressing straight to you.

My point is simply this - that if I look too low or high,

I'll bless my foot with dog crap or my head a branch will spy.

But 'cause I saw not either ain't no catastrophic mistake.

It's the evil that's the world that will sure truly make it great.

'Cuz the battle is the whole and the details have begun,

Bein' fleshed out and apparent so God's work can soon be sung,


verse four


Oh yeah, I walked the whole site but I will do it again.

The next time will be as different as when this ditty began.

I must just try to remember to attend to what I do,


verse five