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HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Five's Nine is complete!!!

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Revelasion !!!

A new book out from Paul Tomas and Richard David Foster!!

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Paul Tomas wanted so David spewed story out! Highfalutin discussion, internal monologue: a challenge to draw! Paul designed characters; drew, inked pages! David storyboarded, inked lettering. REVELASION is a collection of individual first hand accounts of mental healthcare today, woven into a fictional narrative, fleshed out with additional humorous fiction, and filled with a hope for tomorrow. “666”- the number of the beast coming up short -“777” the number of completion, achievement and completed Recovery, and the Trinity, so as to not exclude practical theology on practical philosophy and first hand experience, including “face” with “book”. The Oakville OASIS Drawing Bee generated this project - Come join us !

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Support this animation to fuel the biggest production yet : HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Five's Nine !!! Your interest is really, honestly, sincerely and greatly appreciated !!! I intend to do my best to add Works in Progress and any other interesting content, from time to time, that I can generate throughout the year, even when I employed full time during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Animating Religion with David Foster

This video gets cut short but the full audio of the interview is in the podcast just below.

CASHING IN ON CREATIVITY PODCAST CC076 Animating Religion with David Foster 30 00:06:5930

I'm submitting HESUS JOY CHRIST to date to Film Festivals this year !!!

I've submitted HESUS JOY CHRIST to date to two film festivals:

The first one I submitted to is the International Christian Film Festival in Florida May 2nd to 5th, 2018:

They contacted me immediately by email and accepted my choice of having all five episodes submitted to the film festival judges as a single 23 minute episode of a series.

As of March 7th, HESUS JOY CHRIST to date has been selected, as of March 9th, it has been nominated for the Best Animation Award.


Moving on to marketing and distribution, this Brochure is now in distribution.

Last December 9th, 2015, I self published another book. This one is on drawing instruction.

. . . . and the

Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival , July 16th to 20th, 2018 ! .

This film festival prides itself in finding unknown gems in independent film and tries its best to promote and market independent film. HESUS JOY CHRIST to date did NOT get selected for this film festival.

Drawn & Courted By R. David Foster

Here is the blurb on the printer's site - Lulu Press Inc. :

List Price: $19.99

Price: $13.99

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Ships in 3–5 business days

The Oakville OASIS Drawing Bee participants were often hesitant, claiming they did not know how to draw, when we began to meet with coffee on Monday mornings in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. So I would draw examples of what they could draw, from doodling through imagining and remembering subjects, to complex perspective projections, to get them engaged in something other than their worrying and depression. These drawings were combined into four pamphlets, and now into this book. This book has all the practical information one can use to draw pretty much anything and everything. From doodles that develop skills, to drawing from the imagination and memory to improve observation and further drawing improvement, to university level perspective drawing theory and practical solutions, this book has it all for any novice or experienced "artist". The intention is to provide a great deal of enjoyment from actually drawing. EnJOY !!!

Order it at the best price from at the link below, or contact the author at .

And preview quite a bit of it at Google Books, here:


The Cross of Victory Pilgrimage !!

Looking forward to next year, and working toward increased participation !!


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The Cross of Victory Pilgrimage !!

This is to be the sixth year I have walked this pilgrimage to Martyr's Shrine in Midland, Ontario, from, more or less, Burlington, Ontario.

This year there is a website that should be somewhat familiar to those familiar with this website !

HESUS JOY CHRIST : Discussion of the Animation


The book is here !! I should have checked for it earlier, but I thought I would get an email notification.

2013-11-07The book is coming !!

I am waiting for approval for distribution.

Burlington 2nd Annual Accessibility Awards 2013

I am the proud recipient of an Accessibility Award, in the Volunteer Category, from the City of Burlington, for my volunteer work with OASIS Burlington. This award was presented on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 . I'm in the back row of this picture, fifth from the right. Thanks to Beth for nominating me !!

Burlington, Ont., June 5, 2013 – The city recognized 16 champions of accessibility this afternoon during the 2nd annual Burlington Accessibility Awards.

Organized by the city’s accessibility advisory committee, the awards celebrate individuals, business owners, service providers and community groups that have made significant steps toward improving accessibility for people with disabilities in Burlington.

“Today we celebrate those who have removed barriers – physical, informational, technological and attitudinal – to help make Burlington as accessible as possible,” said Ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster. “These awards help raise both the profile of the issue of accessibility as well as the profiles of the champions who are making a difference.”

Dr. Frank J. Hayden – long-time Burlington resident and world-renowned creator of Special Olympics – made a rare hometown appearance as the keynote speaker at the ceremony.

“Accessibility is not just about ramps and push-button doors. It’s about access to the community, access to activities, access to happiness,” said Hayden. “These awards, and today’s recipients, are an important part of what makes Burlington such a great place to live.”

The awards are held in conjunction with National Access Awareness Week, which was established in 1988 following Rick Hanson’s 40,000 kilometre Man in Motion World Tour. The week is an opportunity to highlight accessibility in Burlington, to provide information, and to encourage the community to work toward equal access and full participation for people with disabilities.

<- The actual framed award.

^ Congratulations from

MPP for Burlington, Jane McKenna .

The 'Blurb':

R. David Foster

The OASIS program is facilitated by peer volunteers who provide support and education to adults living with a mental illness or who are socially isolated. The programs promote recovery and social skills in a variety of free activities within the community. R. David Foster is an exceptional volunteer who helps OASIS provide its social and recreational programs in Burlington. Much of Foster’s work has been quietly behind the scenes but is valuable in enhancing the art program with his extensive knowledge and skills in animation, illustration and computers. Foster photographs artwork for website uploads and assists with the production and printing of OASIS-created comic books among many other activities. Foster’s computer expertise is also utilized to develop and administer participant surveys, as well as provide statistical analysis required to obtain funding for the program.

R David Foster, not wishing to impose more words on anybody, most importantly himself, provides this SITE for anyone who wishes clarification through explanations by means of words & images. Honestly, let me tell personal stories as true as I can possibly remember, which is pretty true if I bother to remember at all, and pretty verifiable if I'm bothering to remember or else it really means nothing to remember it because nobody will ever believe anything I feel worth remembering . . . whatever!

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I had a drawing that was selected to be in this show ! Touched By Fire 2012-11-15

This drawing, conte on newsprint, 18" x 24", was completed in twenty minutes on March 6th, 1993, and was selected from 419 entries, to be included with 95 other drawings, paintings and other media, in the juried Touched By Fire Art Show and Sale last November 15th, 2012. It was Not for Sale.

Twelve of us from Burlington and Oakville made it in to see this show on the Thursday evening at Bathurst and Adelaide Streets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This pencil drawing, another self portrait, was completed in twenty minutes on Thursday, November 15th, 2012.

It is on a letter size, 8.5"x11" sheet of copy paper.

Oakville Community Spirit Award Nomination June 13th, 2012

Mainly for facilitating the Oakville OASIS Drawing Bee, since March 2010, but for other help I've given

Of about 25 nominations in eight categories, eight awards were presented on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012. I was very pleased

Drawing Bee participants as well, Paul Tomas and others nominated me for this award, in the Art category.

to be nominated, as an expression of appreciation from those who know me, rather than an award from people who do not know me. Having read who the competition was, I thought they were more deserving than myself, and I was pleased just to be nominated. Everyone who was nominated received the Community Spirit Award of Appreciation.

I was up against Chloe Shackelton, and Jean Grieve. Ms. Shackelton ran an open air arts market on weekends last summer 2011. Jean Grieves taught music for 40 years and donated the bandshell to Oakville. Congratulations to Ms. Grieves for winning, and to Ms. Shackelton for her successes.


Currently I am writing and posting the verse by verse discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Foretold which can be found on the menu at the left of this screen.

As well, I am drawing and painting, from memory, places I have camped overnight when out and about in my kayak. These drawings and paintings are being posted in the Kayak Campsites section under the Paintings heading, on the menu at the left of this screen.

Enjoy !!

"And the discussion of HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Three Fold is not worth anything to the casual observer – unless an awareness is cultivated by considering the discussion, but a thorough consideration of the animation would have the same effect of cultivating an awareness, not to mention considering life would cultivate a thorough awareness."

R David Foster, from the overview of the Discussion of Matthew's Three Fold

All my animation seems to be of the same intention as the late Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body !

This is somewhat by coincidence and therefore very reassuring to me.

Marriage is more sacred than you ever imagined!!

The HESUS JOY CHRIST animation, and the animation entitled HYPOTHERMIA / My Kayak Prayer, appear to be of the same intention as the late Pope's articulation of marriage and the church.

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