16 Bares

to the tune of the theme song

from Cheers “Making your way in the world today, . . ., where everyone knows your name.”

Drinking lemonade heavily today

Takes everything you've got

But if you were to consider it bare

Would kill like heck a lot

Only guys fellowship Sunday

Girls are sure we're in God's way

Eight playing halo today

Halo champion on her way

Kill or be killed and then spawn new life

The dead reappearing with ev'ry new life

Time not to focus again on new life

Considering wife's existence in life

Please dear God do not hand me a knife

Cause no one there knows His name

God's mass man made production has placed

Temptation all 'round us

The trick is to get as much as you can

Repent at the end can save us

But God's personally chilling your joy

And can't give it away if you will not employ

A little faith to witness in places you don't know

That you've never been

Cause nobody knows His name

Drinking lemonade in the yard can be nice

But barely the garden of God

To know your joy you might consider

If she strips, no one there, bare at all?

Because she to complete did send us on our way

Consider her not, makes morons ask “You gay?”

And stroll with her naked you know God will know

You're back from where you had to go

And nobody cares if there's no way in hell

You could've said His name