What We Do...

The Historical Maritime Society was formed in 1995 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts to research and recreate aspects of life in the Royal Navy around the time of Nelson, particularly in 1805.

Regular visitors to UK re-enactments will know that there are now more periods portrayed than ever before and HMS certainly reflects this by its relatively recent extension into aspects of the RN and Combined Operations of World War II.

The Royal Navy of Nelson's era was, by the standards of the time, efficient and powerful, with an enviable fighting record and where flogging and violent death were not the everyday occurrences that many people seem to believe.

1793 -1815

The Royal Navy: Napoleonic Wars

We set out to give a flavour of that exciting time and occasionally we have put to sea'at Portsmouth on HMS VICTORY and on 'HMS' TRINCOMALEE at Hartlepool as well as in our frigate boat which we call 'The Blue Launch'.

We frequently put on displays at many coastal and inland sites. Many ranks and trades are portrayed from officers to landsmen as well as our 'sea-soldiers', the Royal Marines.

HMS does regular filming work for documentary film-makers.

Everything we do is firmly anchored in trying to be as authentic as possible. Members of HMS take great care in researching their uniforms, costume, equipment and their roles and activities.

Our replica Mk.8 motorised wooden canoe consists of 3 sections (2 being the detachable bow and stern sections) and has 2 stabilising outriggers, a small marine engine, paddles and a lateen sail. It is now complete

This mark of craft was used by the 'Combined Operations Pilotage Parties' units (COPPs) for reconnaissance and raiding in the latter stages of the War