Book review: 'Women in the First World War'

Post date: Aug 14, 2016 11:15:29 AM

A random selection of other Shire books of possible interest for HMS followers and members;

Brian Lavery

The Royal Navy Officer's Pocket-Book (WW2 period)

Jen Kaines reviews:

Neil R Storey and Molly Housego 2010 "Women in the First World War"

Shire Publications no 575 64pp ISBN-13:978 0 74780 752 0

"Many of you I am sure will have come across the Shire series of books before. Founded in 1962 offering a low-priced concise non-fiction book on a wide-range of subjects they are always a good introduction to a topic and this little tome is no exception.

Consisting of some 64 pages it introduces the time period and women's role before the First World War and then goes on to sections on Nursing Services, Munitionettes and Women War Workers, On the Land, In Uniform, Demob and Legacies, and a very useful section on further reading.

It draws on a broad range of primary sources using photographs, ephemera and objects from many museum collections. It is well written, easy to read and great to drop in and out of. I would recommend it as a good starter to the subject area.

Jen Kaines


"The art of command is…to be the complete master, and yet the complete friend of every man on board; the temporal lord and yet the spiritual brother of every rating; to be detached and yet not dissociated.'

A Seaman's Pocket-Book, 1943'