Gun launch latest

Post date: Jan 26, 2015 6:14:33 PM

Much sawing, sanding and gluing - followed by a fair bit of eating and drinking - saw Robert McClellan, Cris Jones, Bev Spence, Thomas Lloyd Spence and Neil Stott make steady progress on the new boat project last weekend - thanks too, Jean Spence, Mary and Lynne for the excellent victuals !

All of the deck beams are now in, forward refuge/cuddy 'roof' beams in and around a third of the inter-plank fillets glued in.

Ready for: plank decking, engine installation, cladding, steering mechanism (Yes - it's going to have a wheel Philip Dare!!)

All the boats are under cover now - our new project being secured in a large workshop. Those who have been to the farm to work on the launch would hardly recognise it now as the barns we have been using have been dismantled and taken away...

There will be another opportunity to do some work on all of the boats soon, ready for the new season, so please let Chris Jones know if you are keen to get involved as your help will be needed!