HMS Captain Cook Birthplace Museum 21st/22nd July UPDATE

Post date: Jul 13, 2018 11:30:57 AM

Our cooks; Jen, Lynne and Jean endured a very hot day by the stove, along with Ron who maintained a steady supply of wood for the flames.

On the menu was a range of roasted meats and our now-famous sea sausage, along with fried plantain and home-made bread.

And for dessert ? Caramelised custard for which Jean used a hot salamander to sear the sugared surface.

Our purser, ship's carpenter, surgeon , surveyor and sailing master were placed inside and out of the museum with Able Seaman Gray engaging with the public.

Many thanks to the good people of Marton-in-Cleveland,and environs, for their interest and their company.

It's been many a long year since HMS performed at the museum, so we were delighted to return there and use our new cooking equipment for the first time.

Contact Jenny Phillips at the museum for further information