Project Pickle

Post date: Jun 21, 2015 7:7:1 PM

Project Pickle - by Chris Levy

On January 21st a project was under taken to create a 20 foot long Model replica of the Schooner HMS Pickle by Petty Officer Chris “Chevy” Levy. The vessel weighing half a ton took over 300 hours to build over a four month period in a Hanger at the Gibraltar airport.

The 20 foot long, 14 foot high vessel was created for Pickle celebrations for the Warrant Officer and Senior Rates mess in Gibraltar as a centre piece for their yearly event and future events to come.

During Pickle celebrations last year, PO Levy made a promise to the mess president to create a new ship for the mess to replace the old a dilapidated vessel.

On Friday 29th May 2015 the new Pickle was commissioned into the Navy by the Commander of British Forces Gibraltar, Lord Nelson (Malcolm Blagg – Nelson impersonator) was also at the ceremony mingling with all those who attended the event. “It was a grand occasion said Nelson, the ship is a fine specimen of craftsmanship and fit for any officer and crew to sail on her” said Lord Nelson.

Pickle was blessed with a bottle of Champagne and a tot of Rum raised by everyone present to toast the new ship and her crew.

The event was a complete success and onlookers were treated to a 5 cannon broadside firing of Pickles new cannons, a BBQ followed the ceremony and the mess celebrated into the night grateful of their new ship, HMS Pickle.

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