Day Ladder9

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The Day Ladder is the most competitive level of day curling. The teams are self determined and submitted to the Day Ladder coordinator to be placed in the year-long schedule. The Day Ladder teams compete for the Tom Sayer Trophy.

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March 26 2020

Please find attached the updated schedule. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous double knockout format has been reduced in order to complete this season without any extensive interruption to next season's schedule. To teams Mink, Mansell, Leblanc and St. Denis thank you very much for your participation and contribution throughout the curling season. To all, be safe and enjoy the off season.

Jim Markham

Please find attached the final standings for this season's Day Ladder. Congratulations to Team Rowland for winning the regular season. Also attached are team rosters and playoff schedule. If there are any corrections to the rosters please let me know as soon as possible. Spares (if not on the spare list) for the playoffs can only be used if the spare's team is eliminated. Playoff format is double knockout with the higher seeded team having the hammer in the first end of all games. Good luck.

Current standings (last update: 2020/03/03)


Draw schedule and results (last update: 2020/03/26)


Team rosters update (2020/03/03)