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Ham and Turkey

 General information
  NOTE !!!! Since the pebbling and nipping has been successful and this takes less time than scraping 
the time for the first rock of the eighth end has been extended by 5 minutes. You must throw the first rock
of the eighth end before one hour and fifty minutes. (10 minutes before the normal 2 hour end of the
). If 
the preceding game has gone a little long you start the two hours from the time you throw the
first rock.

 Latest news and info
 The Ham & Turkey semi-final games were very close. Both games could have been tied in the 6th end which would have meant an extra end, however Team Poulter and Team Cameron prevailed to reach the the first place final. Team Poulter was up 5-4 at the end of the 6th. Then Team Cameron picked up two points for 6-5 coming home without the hammer. Team Cameron managed to block the front of the house and sneak one rock well hidden in the house to take the championship. Congratulations.
Team Coutts defeated Team Hatrick to take third place.

 Current standings (last update: 2017/12/14)

H & T 2017 stats.xlsx

  Draw schedule and results (last update: 2017/11/16)

H & T 2017 schedule 10 days ‎‎‎(1)‎‎‎.xlsx

 Team rosters

Ham & Turkey Teams 20171115.xlsx