The third and last mechanical puzzle from my first purchase from Rocky Chiaro is my first bolt puzzle I took my hands on called WUN-WA-SURE (nowadays called ONE-WA-SURE). It made its debut at the IPP competition in 2001 but is still available from Rocky for 95.- USD from his website.

As I could read in several blogs and forums Rocky is supposed to be the master of brass bolts (I think he is selling 6 different bolt puzzles in total) and WUN-WA-SURE is the one the puzzlers like most and recommend it as his best bolt puzzle. As written earlier it was my first bolt puzzle to play with and I can confirm that this shiny and beautiful puzzle is precisely manufactured and has an awesome trick/mechanic to it which certainly gives a cool "aha" moment. We are talking here about a puzzle with a washer (which explains the puzzle name) between two nuts and all 3 pieces are blocked in both direction by the bolt head on one side and a tiny bolt through a hole on the other side. Your goal is to free the washer. I am not sure if it was pure luck but I could solve it within 5 - 7 minutes which is quite a short amount of time for the money. Consequently my difficulty rating for this puzzle is a 3 out of 10.

Nevertheless the trick really flashed me and I can easily recommend WUN-WA-SURE to everyone whose budget allows to buy it. It is really fun and I will also try to bother some of my friends with it.