1more Puzzle - Triangle

The honour of my first, small jubilee (50th IPP competition puzzle I own and solved w/o solution) goes to LUCIE PAUWELS with her 2011 entry to the IPP competition called "1more Puzzle - Triangle". I made contact with Lucie through the Revomaze forum and she was kind enough to sell me one copy for Euro 15.-

"1more Puzzle - Triangle" is a 2D assembly puzzle with strong similarities to tangram but with the specialty that all 8 laser cut acrylic pieces consist out of small triangles in an sequentiell order, i.e. starting with a simple tiny triangle, followed by a parallelogramm (adding one more triangle) and so forth. The biggest pieces are really odd-shaped. Whilst the main task in the competition was to create a huge triangle + another 11 shapes to lay, my puzzle came with a double-sided DIN A4 sheet with a whopping 80 (!!!) challenges on it. I spent a total of 2 weeks on the challenges and therefore got a huge lot for my money. Usually it takes between 2 - 10 minutes to finish the required shape, however, some did take up to half an hour. A specific one - you can call it my small, temporare nemesis took me around 2,5 to 3 hours alone. I even contacted Lucie to ask whether the sketch was wrong because I got a solution which was very similar only the spikes were placed on a lower level. 10 mintues after I sent the email I finally got it done! From a difficulty point of view I rate it a 6 out of 10.

"1more Puzzle - Triangle" can definitely be recommended to everyone due to its high replay value. Also it is a pocket-size puzzle and ideal to take with you for a holiday. And let's not forget the low price for a puzzle which keeps you occupied for a long time.