A puzzling land of Peace and Adventure

Topola is a spherical twisty puzzle with the movement mechanisms similar to a 2” x 2” x 2” Rubik´s cube.

However, its Sliding Shell mechanism makes it different from all other twisty puzzles.

This modularized puzzle is pieced together so that the user can manipulate into many possible topological orientations

and shapes by a simple twist of the wrist. You’ll notice immediately that it has no colors which are to be sorted.

Instead, you will find a magic globe on which five islands, a lake and an ocean exist. Moreover, you see prominent

symbols and animals are present which is part of a mysterious weave of riddles and stories leading you to the puzzle’ solution.

The big island is called Peaceland.

Six species coexist in the four territories of Peaceland in peace and harmony.

To prevent argument among the animals, the following species may not be neighbors:

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In the middle of Peaceland’s lake is a sailboat.

Nearby, two whales are swimming in the ocean.

The first task is to sail into the ocean with the boat and to catch one of the whales.

After you’ve successfully mastered this first task, your next task would be to maneuver

the sailboat back to the lake of Peaceland with the captured whale. In the ocean, landlocked by four islands,

is a compass that is damaged during the capture of the whale.

Therefore, the final task is to free the trapped whale

in a way that will repair the compass, and therefore to restoring the peace between of the species.

The spherical puzzle’s twist action mechanism, invented by Mehdi Yahyavi, is made more fascinating

by its design and storyline as well. Topola is hollow, with twist mechanisms hidden within the coreless shell,

which permits movement most advance to other puzzle types known on the market.

The parts can also be easily taken apart and reassembled again.

Being a huge puzzle enthusiast, I think that Topola is ideal for children of all ages,

guarantee to entertain the little ones. All who comes in contact with the spherical device

will be enticed with the entertaining design and storyline entices all to play with the puzzle

to take the puzzle into the hand and to play with it. Solving the puzzle is not too difficult,

so one can achieve the solution after a short period of time. And if the challenge cannot be met,

simply disassemble the parts and reassemble to start over again.

Topola is original as it is unique. I especially like its originality

and the way it differs from all other twisty puzzles in design, story and mechanism!

You can buy Topola on the website.