Ceres key puzzle

Ceres key puzzle (Magic Disc)

The Ceres key puzzle is better known under the name Magic Disc.

It got famous when it was first published in "Creative Puzzles of the World"

by Pieter van Delft and Jack Botermans.

The puzzle was invented by Frank Nichols (see United States Patent 4397466).

The puzzle is an interlocking puzzle and has the shape of a flat cylinder.

It consists of three identical parts which look like three-step stairs.

The opening mechanism is based on Coordinate Motion.

Coordinate Motion puzzles are puzzles,

where the puzzle parts cannot be taken apart piece by piece,

but where all puzzle parts have to be moved at the same time so that they can fall apart.

The Ceres Key puzzle has a diameter about 12 cm and lies comfortably in the hand.

I am especially fond of the optics. The black plastic screws give it some spice.

Moreover the parts move asthetically when the pieces are taken apart or when they are joined again.

It is not only a challenge to separate the pieces, but also to put them back together.

Due to the composition of furrows and screws you have to pay attention

that the sides really match when joined.

I like it particularly that the parts don't fall apart and that they cannot be moved immediately.

You have to get an idea how to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle is well suited for people with little puzzle experience.

They often try to hold two parts at the same time

and try to separate the third part which is not possible.

Nevertheless the puzzle can be usually solved within 15 minutes

so that it can also be recommended for people with little patience.

Once people succeed in solving the puzzle, they are astonished

how easy the decisive movement can be carried out and how simple

and elegant the construction of the puzzle is.

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