When Kevin Sadler (I proceed on the assumption that you read through his blog from time to time) is writing about his "puzzle pusher" Wil Strijbos in his blog posts then I should call Bernhard Schweitzer my "puzzle pusher". After my first contact somwhere in March, I already got 3 deliveries packed with IPP competition puzzles! Now time has come to open the first one and trying to solve CM13 designed by Andreas Röver (who is the inventor of BurrTools by the way) and entered at IPP 2008. I paid only 15 Euro for the Walnut version (there is obviously a Rosewood version available as well) which is great value for your money.

CM13, which was Andreas' 13th test case to create a workable coordinate motion interlocking puzzle (and therefore I believe the puzzle name is the abbreviation of CoordinationMotion13), was the first multi level coordination motion puzzle as to his knowledge back in 2008. The goal is to disassemble and re-assemble the 3 identical pieces. CM13 is quite an easy task but the quality is really good (precise) and the idea/mechanic is awesome. I would judge it a difficulty 3/10 because even I took only about 20 minutes to take it apart and put it back together.

Fellow puzzler Jerry Loo wrote in his puzzle review that there are still some puzzles directly available from Andreas and I can highly recommend to buy one copy to everyone. Besides it might be a bit too easy for the cracks quality and mechanism are just awesome. Definitely one of my favourites till now.