BALL.B is invented by Andrzej Burkiet.

He registered his invention for a patent(A63F9 / 08 P 383002) in 2006

which he got in the following year.

It is one of the few puzzles which were invented in Poland.

BALL.B is a twisty puzzle, to be more precise a Megaminx, in the shape of a sphere.

Ball.B belongs to the group of Dodecahedral puzzles, i.e. it has 12 axes.

Neighbouring rotary axes have the same angle.

The puzzle has on the surface 12 rotary discs, whereby each rotary disc intersects with five others.

The rotary disc can be moved five times around in order to reach the initial point.

This means that each axis can be turned by 72 degrees.

Each rotary disc has a different colour.


To summarize the aim of this puzzle in very easy words,

you turn its discs until you restore the initial state.

BALL.B is available in different versions, whereby each version has a different difficulty level.

Nevertheless the mechanism is always the same.

One of the easier versions is BALL.B kropki.

BALL.B kropki has only the connection lines to the axes marked.

The puzzle can be solved straight forward within one hour without thinking a lot.

My approach was to solve first a rotary disc completely.

Afterwards I solved the neighbouring rotary discs.

BALL.B reminded me immediately of a basket ball due to its colour and shape.

The surface is covered with pentagons and the both different plastic colours make the puzzle look optically interesting.

The surface is rough which gives a nice grip.

The puzzle is relatively big (98mm) and has a weight of approximately 250 gramm.

Therefore it is well suited for men's hands.

I was a bit disappointed that the points are only printed instead of using different coloured plastic parts.

But I was surprised that the points are scratch resistant.

I am fond of the sphere form, as contrary to Megaminx it enables different difficulty levels.

I like especially the smooth turning, which I did not know from other sphere Puzzles.

It is well suited for children as well for adults.

You can buy the BALL.B on the official website.