The Dimensions of Hajj: Significance & Performance (2003)

Year of Publication: May 01, 2003

Published By: S. M. Faisal for Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal

Place: Barzulla Bridge, Near Bone Hospital, Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 223

Price: SR 41/-

About The Book:

It has been usually seen that some pilgrims who happen to be teachers or common writers, on return home, begin compiling Hajj Guides by profusely drawing on the published works of recognised scholars on the subject. As if feeling some kind of urgency, they try to retell Hajj rites and invocations, perhaps knowing not what to say on the significance of Hajj and its dimensions which are of interest to all well-read and well-educated people. Sometimes they gather so many details that the pilgrims get confused. The present work provides a lucid and brief booklet which might help those who aspire to make best of their short stay in the Holy Land and fulfil solemnly the rituals of a fundamental duty of Islamic faith.