Selected Correspondence of Dr Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal (Vol I) (2010)

Year of Publication: December 25, 2010

Published By: Dr Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal

Place: Saudiyah, Barzulla, Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 561

ISBN: 978-81-7435-711-3

Price: SR 60/- INR 500/- $25/-

About The Book:

In the present series of Selected Correspondence, the first volume is a focus on Sheikh Iqbal's deputation for PhD course, his Presidency of Islamia College of Science and Commerce, and, his Directorship of Research, Libraries and Archaeology, Jammu and Kashmir. Well-meaning officials and the needy alumni can draw light from this volume with regard to right conduct of the Departments which on occasions was impeded by the biased bosses and bureaucrats and the administrative heads thereof were found struggling with their backs to the wall. The second half of the volume presents Dr. Iqbal's important messages (and replies thereto) to their Excellencies the Envoys of Saudi Arabia who surely were men of vision and vivacity. However, the readers would be amply rewarded as they go through the mutual exchanges between Dr. Iqbal and his Excellency Iyad Amin Madani until recently the Kingdom's Minister of Hajj and Information, who from the earliest came out to be real source of strength to the former in his decisive period of contribution. The volume ends with the editor's presentation letters to (and acknowledgements from) the eminent leaders of India.