Islamic Toleration & Justice (1998)




Year of Publication: October 1998

Published By: Saudiyah Publishers

Place: Barzalla Bridge, Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 260

ISBN: ---

Price: US$ 10/-

Year of Publication: 2005

Published By: Adam Publishers & Distributors

Place: 1542-Pataudi House, Draya Ganj, New Delhi-110002

Pages: 260

ISBN: 81-7435-419-0

Price: INR 300/-

Year of Publication: September 2008

Published By: Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal

Place: Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 260

ISBN: ---

Price: SR 63/-

About The Book:

The present book grew from Dr Iqbal's addresses to explain how the Muslim rulers in the past treated the Jews, Christians and Hindus in a spirit of Justice and realism. Too significant a part is the Prolegomena of the book which stresses the need to enforce Islamic teachings. Without this, neither the Muslims can reform themselves into a judicious and a healthy society, nor can they deliver the world from its present turmoil. The author emphatically re-explains common view that in the Message of Islam lies the effective remedy to the ills of mankind.