Rediscovering Factual History (2013)



Year of Publication: 2013

Published By: Adam Publishers & Distributers

Place: 1542, Pataudi House, Darya Gunj, New Delhi-110002

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-81-7435-729-8

Price: INR 250/-

About The Book:

This small collection of essays comprises Early Islam: Legacies in Justice, Saudi Arabia's Two Centuries of Supremacy, Saudi Arabia's Advocacy of Human Rights and Constitutional Reforms, and, Effulgent Efficacy of the Quran. It is hoped that all the four writings will be of value and significance to all those who wish to know the foundations of the Islamic mode of administering justice, the revival of the Islamic institutions and ideology through the collaboration of the Houses of Saud and Sheikh, the reconstructional achievements of the later resourceful Saudi rulers, and finally, the power and appeal of the content of the Holy Quran which was revealed to Muhammad (SAW). At the end, there is one appendix on "Our Aspirations with regard to Islamic Summit Conferences" convened by the OIC.