Kashmir Problem: Disasters of Delayed Settlement (2009)

Year of Publication: May 01, 2009 (1430 AH)

Published By: Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal

Place: Srinagar, Kashmir

Pages: 650

Price: SR 70/- INR 700/- $25

About the Book:

This is a collection of articles, essays and papers which have already seen the light of the day in the past several years that formed a crucial period in the Kashmirian struggle for fundamental rights. Divided in six books, the volume presents several aspects of the Freedom Movement carried on by the indigenous people who offered immense sacrifices in life and property in the past eight decades. It mentions the support the Kashmir Cause received at international level as also the impediments to a successful termination of a popular fight. The two factors that have worked detrimentally to the resolution of the Issue of Kashmir are the continuous negative attitude of the leaders and Government of India, and the domestic and the Frontier problems of Pakistan partly created by some influential States and agents at home. The varied contents of the publication taken together and when gone through, a complete story of the bloodcurdling struggle for liberation and of the hurdles in the way towards a just, realistic and viable settlement of the Dispute, can conveniently be constructed.