The Arab Glory, The Arab Grief (1976)

Published By: Idarah-i-Adabiyat-i-Delli

Place: 2009, Qasimjan Street, Delhi-110006

Pages: 284

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About the Book:

The book comprises masterpieces of historical literature on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Tragedy of Palestine. A good number of topics are the lectures given at the institutions of higher learning in United States and at the Universities of Aligarh and Srinagar. The author has brought home the fact that Saudi Arabia has unceasingly upheld the Arab Glory through adhering to its pristine faith. Its Government, led by enlightened leaders, has maintained the integrity of the State and national prosperity through developmental plans. The second part of the book gives the cause of the Arab Grief. It treats Palestine and highlights Jewish-Muslim relations in the past, genesis of the Arab problem, the Zionist aggression and its possible vacation. At the end, a realistic estimate of President Nasser has also been added to complete the heart-moving story.

Year of Publication: 1976