Ideals of Islam and Other Essays (1982). (Co-authored with Sheikh Talal)

Year of Publication: 1982

Published By: Idarah-i-Adabiyat-i-Delli

Place: 2009, Qasimjan Street, Delhi-110006

Pages: 200

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About the Book:

The book is an effort by the authors to explain the divine message, the ideals of Islam, Muslim contribution to human peace and justice and the role of Saudi Arabia in solidifying the faith both at home and abroad. The significance of the Prophet's Hijrah and the Science of Exegesis have been appreciably dealt with. And of the coming of Islam in the subcontinent and the founding of the Muslim Rule in the same, this book gives a lucid and realistic description. On the whole, the contents of the book will prove a source of inspiration to those who wish to relieve Muslim peoples of their present confusion.