Islam and Christianity in Balance (General History of Relations): Dialogue for an Understanding (2017)

Year of Publication: 2017

Published By: Adam Publishers & Distributers

Place: 1542, Pataudi House, Darya Gunj, New Delhi-110002

Pages: 546

ISBN: 978-81-7435-754-0

Price: INR 990/-

About the Book:

This compilation is the outcome of perseverant study of the relevant periods of History concerning emergence of Christianity and Islam, the latter starting with the call issued by Muhammad, the Final Messenger of God, on him be peace. In accordance with the D'awah verses of the Quran (including verse 157 of Surah al-A'raf), the Prophet of Islam infused life in the forgotten Message first propagated by the Patriarch Abraham. Thus he invited both the Jews and Christians to join him in advancing the lone Divine Mission. While the diehard Jewry rejected the Call, some of the Christians came to appreciate it but avoided acceptance of the Finality of Muhammad's Prophetship, for, since early fourth Century A.D. Christianity had assumed a form that differed fundamentally from what Jesus, son of Mary, had taught in Glilee. The rising Community of the Muslims did not lose heart but instead treated its Christian subjects generously besides protecting the persecuted Jews for over twelve centuries.