Realms of Peace (1979)

Year of Publication: 1979

Published By: Idarah-i-Adabiyat-i-Delli

Place: New Delhu-110015

Pages: 610

Price: 170 (Out of Print)

About the Book:

Few publications might compare with the Realms of Peace in point of its varied, refreshing and informative topics on three important political divisions of the world, where great men have endeavored to promote peace or where they have used peace itself as a tool of human liberty and prosperity. The author's selection of the subject is panoramic and the individual and the group interests of the readers will be met in each of the parts of this monumental collection. That a single volume should present Allamah Iqbal and Rama Tirtha, reinterpret some of the historical aspects of the subcontinent, invite the readers to foreign accounts of Kashmir and its conversion to Islam, describe the sources of strength of the Arabs of Arabia, represent the case of Palestinians, evaluate the work of the U.N.O. and focus on the mission of Lincoln and Wilson, appears on the whole, to be a marvelous literary performance. The description of each topic is highly absorbing and enriching.