Guide start

Welcome to the Hacking guide! Here we will completely hack your Wii to let it use all kinds of homebrew! After you have gone through this guide, your Wii will have all homebrew features unlocked and you are free to do with it as you want.

And the best of all? Everything on this whole site is completely FREE.

The guide

1) Guide start -- You are here now. Nothing special to be found here :P

2) The basics -- Lets start with the simplest of the simplest: installing the Homebrew Channel.

3) Trucha bug -- For the people that want even more features, we can enable more functionality!

Get started

It is very easy to start the guide. Just go to the next page using the bar on the top or the button on the bottom!

Don't get discouraged by all the text! The text on top is ALWAYS additional info, which you can skip if you desire (and start directly by downloading the files and following the guide).


1. The trucha bug step is completely optional, as you can run a lot of homebrew already with just the Homebrew Channel. Some more advanced homebrew will require you to do this step however.

2. After you have done all steps, you are free to do with your wii as you want. The homebrew you can find on this site is only a very small part of all Homebrew for the Wii!

The button above does nothing. Please make a choice below:

I have a Wii with system menu 4.2 or lower.

I have a Wii with system menu 4.3.


If you don't know your System menu version or region, go to the Wii settings and look to the top right corner!