ShowMiiNand is a great addition to ShowMiiWads. Especially for SNEEK, this function will be very useful to us!



All guides are for the Computer

Setting up the NAND Dump

1. Be sure you have a NAND Dump. You can create one with the SFSD Nand Dumper or bootmii (see below). Once you made your NAND dump, open up ShowMiiWads.

2. Go to Options > Change NAND backup path. Now browse for the location of your NAND Dump (normally the root of the SD card).

3. Now go to View and change it to ShowMiiNand. If you did the previous step correctly, you will see all games on your dumped NAND here.

Creating a common-key.bin

Many features require a common-key.bin. If you haven't created on yet, follow these steps.

1. Go to Tools > Create Common-key.

2. Type 45e and press OK. Thats all!

Adding titles to the NAND

To add titles to the NAND Backup, you need to have the title in WAD form. It doesn't matter where you place these wads.

1. Switch back to ShowMiiWads mode (View > ShowMiiWads). Be sure that the Wad you want to install is in the list (if not, add the folder it's in with File > Open Folder).

2. Select the Wad, then click Edit > Extract > To NAND.

It will be finished if the bar at the bottom right is completely green.

Removing titles from the NAND

We know how to add titles, but how do you remove them?

1. Switch to ShowMiiNand mode (view > ShowMiiNand).

2. Select the file to delete and click Edit > Delete

Easy, no?