This is a Method to install the Homebrew Channel on the Emulated NAND on your Computer instead of running the Hackmii Installer. Note that you will still need to install the HBC on your normal NAND regardless.

Wii ---------------------- 1. Install HBC on your real NAND.

2. Use WadCreator v1.1 to extract HBC.wad from you Wii.

Computer ---------------------- 3. Dump your real NAND using BootMii.

4. Open ShowMiiWads, go to "tools > extract Bootmii nand" and select your nand.bin.

5. Go back to your VIRGIN SNEEK NAND, by selecting your SNEEK drive letter in "Options > Change NAND backup path"

6. Go to "View > ShowMiiNand"

7. Drag and Drop HBC.wad then at the bottom click "Install", and once installed close ShowMiiWads.

8. Manually copy and replace your original BootMii NAND /ticket/00010001/af1bf516.tik to SNEEK NAND /ticket/00010001/af1bf516.tik