ShowMiiWads is a program designed to help you organize your WAD files via a PC.

It allows you to to see what title id your WAD has, preview the channel, extract a WAD to you NAND, edit the names and title id's, and much more.


  • WAD files to use



  • Organized WAD files.



1. Download ShowMiiWads and extract it somewhere.

2. Run ShowMiiWads.exe. The first time, it will show a disclaimer. Change the option to I accept and take the risk of Wad editing features.

3. You'll be provided with an empty window. To add your wads to this window, go to File > Open folder. Then browse for the folder that contains your wads.

4. Once you added a folder with wads, you'll see a lot of info about every one of them (Name, type, blocks, IOS it uses,...). Many of these things can be changed with the Edit menu. You can for example make it region free or change the titleID. Its all yours to edit!

Banner preview

It is possible to use this program to preview the banner of a channel wad. Like this, you can easily save individual parts of the banner on your PC.

1. The first thing we need to do is to generate a common-key.bin. To do this, go to Tools > Create Common key.

Type the text it asks you to type and press OK.

2. Now go to Edit > Preview. A new Window will pop-up with one image of the banner of the Wad.

At the bottom you can change what image of the banner/icon to preview. If you need it, click save. You can also right click the image to do this.