This application has been integrated with Nintendont. It is highly recommended to use that application instead.

The guide below is no longer maintained.

Triiforce is a VC/WiiWare launcher that launches channels that are installed on NAND or NAND emu. This has many benefits, such as not having to clutter/fill your "real" nand with VC/WiiWare games as well as of course only being limited to the amount of space you have on the SD card in use. This means you can literally have dozens and dozens of titles reside on the SD completely! Trust me, it is a good thing ;)

Aside from the software obtainable in the above links, you will NEED to have the following:

  • Waninkoko's cIOS rev14 or 17 installed (ANY OTHER VERSION WILL NOT WORK!)

  • An SD card (most SDHC cards will not function due to limitations of the cIOS)




Only for

Regions E, U and J


  • An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).

  • A NAND Dump (NOT from Bootmii !)

  • An up to date cIOS installed



There are 2 ways to add games to your Dumped NAND. The fastest way will be shown here, but you can also use ShowMiiWads to do the same thing.

Computer ----------------------

1. Downloading...

  • Download and unzip wad2nand.7z to somewhere on your computer.

  • Download the Wad2Nand automatic batch file and extract it to the wad2nand folder you just unzipped.

  • Also place some VC and/or Wiiware wad files that you would like to use with the emulated nand in this folder (if you already had some installed on the Wii, these will already be there, so you don't need to add those).

2. Double click on w2n.bat and wait for it to complete.

The batch file that you just double clicked on will open and close a dosbox for each wad processed. Wait for the entire process to complete. When done, you will have a ticket folder and a title folder in the same folder.

3. Copy these folders to the root of the SD card. You will notice that you already have these folders on the card (they were created by SFSD), but pay no mind and simply copy right over (merge) these folders.

4.Now that we have our games ready, let's go ahead and prepare the SD card. Again, try to use a standard SD card for compatibility. There is no harm in testing an SDHC card, but keep in mind that it just may not work (Triiforce will give an error instead of reading the device). The SD card should be formatted FAT or FAT32. An easy to use SD formatting application can be found here:

Download Triiforce and extract it to SD:/apps/triiforce.

Wii ----------------------

5. Run Triiforce with the HBC. Press right on the directional pad of your Wiimote until you see Use SD-NAND and press A. If all went well (that is, your SD card was compatible) you will see a list of options. The first option is Start and directly underneath that, you will see one of the titles on the SD card. So press down once and simply press left/right to scroll through the available titles on the SD card. When you have made your choice, press up and press A on start. If you did everything right, your game will start (providing it works with Triiforce).

Closing Comments ----------------------

As many are aware, it is also possible to install wad files (VC/Wiiware) to the emulated nand on the SD card with Wad Manager v1.5. But I cannot recommend this as it is very unreliable. In my personal experience I have had more lock-ups than success with this method. Aside that, it takes longer and you can only install one game at a time. The batch file method outlined above is the preferred choice as it is fast, easy, and can handle MANY wad files in one shot. If you want to add more games later, simply repeat the batch file process and copy to the SD card as you did before. Simple!

* A good reference for game compatibility with Triiforce can be found here:

* Triiforce is ALSO compatible with USB devices. You can simply copy the nand files that were generated on your SD card to a compatible USB device and select "Use USB-NAND" in Triiforce to load. Here is a list of current known compatible USB devices:

* If you enjoy launching your applications from "Channels" as opposed to the HBC, the official Triiforce forwarder can be found here:

Enjoy and Game On!