WAD Manager

When you hear about WADs, people are talking about files with the file extension "wad". WADs can contain a lot of data. Mostly, this data is a channel or IOS file. It might be handy to know how to install them.


Make sure you get your WAD's from a reliable source! And always have BootMii and/or Priiloader before installing a WAD you're not sure about!



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<app version="1">

<name>Yet Another Wad Mgr</name>




<short_description>Install/Uninstall WADs</short_description>


Press the "A" Button to (un)install WADs.

If no file is marked, the normal single file (un)install menu will appear.

If at least one file is marked, the batch (un)install menu will appear.

Press the "+" Button to (un-)mark the selected WAD for batch installation

Press the "-" Button to (un-)mark the selected WAD for batch uninstallation

Press the "1" Button to go to the operations menu (can yet only delete single files)

A "+" will appear in front of the name of marked WADs for installation

A "-" will appear in front of the name of marked WADs for uninstallation




  • An SD card (Best results are with non-SDHC cards, SDHC will only work on 4.0 or above) or USB device formatted to FAT(32).

  • A cIOS installed (Not required if you use a WAD manager that supports AHBPROT)

    • Alternatively, having IOS236 will also work.

  • A WAD file to install. WADs can be found at lots of different places. Make sure the WAD is from a reliable source!


  • Yet Another Wad Manager Mod (YAWMM): download (modified version that supports WiiU (vWii), Motion+ remotes and AHBPROT)


  • Use the WAD manager to get new channels and other stuff.


  • Medium - HIGH: Brick protection recommended.


Computer ----------------------

1. Download the WAD manager and extract the pack to your computer, then copy the apps folder to the SD card, merging it with the existing apps folder.

2. Put the wads you want to install in the "wad" folder on the SD card/USB device.

You may need to create this folder.

Wii ----------------------

3. Run the wad manager. If asked, select IOS249 for IOS to use (if your homebrew channel is up to date, it probably won't).

Select Front SD card as the source to load the WADs from.

If it asks about NAND emulation, leave the option disabled.

4. Go to the WAD you want to install and press A. Then follow instructions on the screen.