Backup Launchers

A Backup Launcher (or Backup Loader) is an application that is able to load backup games from a disc, SD card or USB device. Being able to use backup launchers is the goal of most people when softmodding their Wii, so this guide by default provides the steps for doing so.

Before you can use any Backup launcher, you first need to install a cIOS.

  • Disc-based Wii Backup Launchers: The first generation backup launchers that load games from a DVD disc. Newer Wiis do not support this kind of launcher due to an incompatible disc drive.

  • USB Loaders: The second generation of launchers that load games from a USB device (or SD card). They offer many advantages over the disc loaders, like a better user interface, increased compatibility with games, support for ALL (softmodded) Wiis and much more.

  • GameCube Backup Launchers: Various launchers are also available for playing GameCube backups. These can be integrated with Wii USB Loaders, so it is recommended you install one of those first.