CustomizeMii is a tool by Leathl that allows you to create channel WADs by customizing existing base WADs, or any other channel WAD.


  • A computer (which you have if you're reading this).



Setup of CustomizeMii

1. Download CustomizeMii and extract it. First read the txt files that come with the app. If you did this, start CustomizeMii.exe

1) Choosing a base wad (Source tab)

2. CustomizeMii will open in the first tab, called Source.

What we need to do here is to choose our base wad, which is our starting point for the new wad we are going to create. The reason we use base wads and don't start from 0 is that most people won't have enough knowledge to do that. When using a base wad, the most difficult stuff is done for us already (Animations and Layout).

You can choose your base wad on 2 ways:

  • Browse for an existing wad file. Note that this has to be the wad of a channel (IOS wads and other stuff will result in an error when loading)

  • Choose one of the base wads in the list below. This option requires an internet connection. If you found your desired base wad, press Load.


Some additional base WADs made by SifJar are available here.

2) Changing the displayed title (Title tab)

3. Continue to the next tab called Title.

This is how our channel is going to be named (the name is shown when you point to the channel with the Wii remote).

You can set a different name for each language, but only All languages needs to be filled in.

If you fill in one of the languages, it will use that title if the Wii is set to use that language.


You can easily translate your channel name to the various languages by including the word Channel in your title and clicking Translate "Channel".

3) Changing various options (Options tab)

4. Go to the next tab called Options. This is the final tab we need if we're not replacing images of the banner.

All things to fill in on this page are optional. If you leave them empty, it will use the same settings as already present in the Wad file.

  • To change the dol file (eg the App the channel loads), simply browse for it behind New Dol

    • Note: it is also possible to make forwarder channels (without build-in dol). More info about that here.

  • You can also change the Startup IOS (The IOS that is used to boot the channel. If that IOS isn't installed on the Wii, the channel will not work).

  • You can change the titleID too if you want to.

    • Note: the titleID must be unique. If this is not the case, any previous channel installed under the same title will be overwritten!

  • Adding a new sound is also done here, but be sure to use sounds that are as small as possible (or the wii will crash)

  • It is possible to change the nand loader, but most of the time, we'll use the one of comex.

  • Lz77 compression is a technique that can be used to "compress" images (banner and icon in this case). Leaving it on will make the wad file a little smaller, so it is advised to enable it. The only time you should disable it is when you tried the wad and it doesn't work like it should.

  • It is not advised to turn the security checks off, so leave that box unchecked.

4) Banner & icon editing (Banner and Icon tabs) [Optional]

These steps are a little more advanced, and can be skipped if desired.


The chance on banner bricking your Wii is relatively high (not because of the program, but the big chance for an user made error). It is highly recommended to install bootmii as boot2 or priiloader!

Ok, time to get started :)

5. First, we need to extract all images we want to replace. We can do this with CustomizeMii, but its possible to do with ShowMiiWads as well.

The steps below are for CustomizeMii. If you want to know how to do it with ShowMiiWads, you have to go to the ShowMiiWads page.

Go to the Banner tab. You will see a list of tpl files.

  • First click an image in the list and use preview to check what image it is.

  • When you find an image you want to replace, click Extract

  • Save the image to a folder where you can easily find it again.

6. Ok, so now we need to edit the image. This guide does not tell you how to do this, just use Photoshop or Paint (or another image editing program).

If you don't want to start over again with all previous steps, leave CustomizeMii minimized.

7. Once you edited your images, go to CustomizeMii again.

  • Select the image you want to replace and click Replace.

  • Now browse for your edited image.

NOTE: You can change the size of the image, but it will be resized to the original size when you replace it, so watch out for stretched images ! It is advised to use the preview button after you replace the image!


By Using the Multi Replace link on the bottom right you can replace multiple images at once. The only thing you need to do is to place them in 1 folder and rename them to the same as the ones you want to replace!

Once you replaced all Banner elements, you can do the same for the Icon (the next tab).

6) Layout & Animation editing (Layout and Animation tabs) [Optional]

This is a very advanced and difficult step. Unless you are an expert or really need it, you can skip to the next step.

This guide does currently not contain any steps on how to use Layouts and Animations. You will need to find another guide for this.

7) Creating the Wad file

To create your wad file, you can use the big button on the bottom that says "Create WAD".

You will be asked where to store the wad. Just browse to the place where you want to save it, give it a name and press Save.

After the program finishes, it'll give you some more info about the wad you just created:

  • The time it took to create it (in ms)

  • The size of the wad file on your computer (in MB)

  • The approx. amount of blocks it takes on the wii memory.

Installing the Wad file

The wad can now be installed on your Wii by using a wad manager!