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Welcome to our new students!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the School of Languages & Cultures. Here you will find information to prepare for your first term at university. Intro Week starts on 20th September.

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The aim of these pages is to provide you with information before you arrive in Sheffield and about our activities programme during Intro Week. We know that there will be a lot of information coming your way including central university messages about how to move around campus and about how the University will organise teaching in the coming months.

This site deals specifically with your enrolment as a student of SLC (School of Languages and Cultures) and about our Intro Week.

We aim to make you feel at home with us as soon as we can. We realise that starting at university is a big step, so please, if you have any questions or queries, just contact us, for example during our drop in sessions. Just click on the link to join.

And you can always reach us on:

Your jobs for now

Follow the steps

We have arranged the information in a number of steps. Please follow the steps to find information about:

Step 1: Understanding my degree programme

Now let's learn a bit more about your degree programme. We offer two programmes in the School. These programmes have a structure and a fixed set of requirements, but there is flexibilty too. You will need to understand your degree programme before you can pick your modules. Click on the link that applies to you.

Understanding the jargon

Some of the most important things for you to understand are a few terms we use all the time:

  • Semester/term: a period of 15 weeks: 12 teaching weeks and 3 weeks for assessment. Each academic year is split into two semesters: autumn and spring.

  • Level One: this is just another way of saying 1st year of study.

  • Module/course: your first year study programme wil be made up of modules or courses. They mean the same. Each course is worth a number of credits.

  • Credits: Modules will be 10 or 20 credits. For a full year, you will need to pick 120 credits in total.

  • Core course: this is a compulsory module for your programme. That means that you have to take it.

  • Optional course/option module: there will be a some flexibility in your programme which means that in addition to your core modules, you choose optional modules that you're interested in to make up to 120 credits per year. How many will depend on your programme of study/degree programme.

  • Degree programme: this is the title of your degree. Programme of study is another term we use.

  • Module registration: we know that you are here and you are part of our system BUT you will need to complete the module registration process. This means you have to pick the modules that you'd like to study and that fit your programme of study. Choosing your modules carefully is important, so take some time to read the module descriptors before you make up your mind.

  • Add/Drop: for the first 3 weeks of the semester you have the option to drop an optional module if you don't like it. You can then add another (as long as there is availability and that your timetable has space).

At Sheffield, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for students and staff. For more information on our approach, please click the link below.

If you are the first person in your family to go to University, we have a dedicated Arts & Humanities programme to provide you with information, support and opportunity so that you can make the most of your time at the University of Sheffield.

The programme for 2021-22 will be available next month but you can read more about First Gen Sheffield here in the meantime.

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