Instructional Leadership

Instructional Intelligence

"Instructional Intelligence is the integration of content knowledge, assessment, knowledge of how we learn, instructional repertoires, personal/professional change, as well as, systemic change". - Barrie Bennett

Instructional Intelligence explores the following areas:

  • instructional tactics - things the teacher uses : simple cooperative structures, like think-pair-share; graphic organisers, like Venn diagrams

  • instructional skills - things the teacher does, like providing think time, framing questions, and modelling

  • instructional organisers - theories and knowledge that organise overall planning and teaching – for example Bloom’s taxonomy and Gardner’s multiple intelligences

  • instructional strategies - frameworks for teaching and learning academic content : more complicated cooperative structures and graphic organisers, like mind-mapping, concept formation, simulation, socratic dialogue, etc

  • instructional concepts - what a class needs to function: enthusiasm, motivation, respect, active participation, etc.

  • Wellbeing - safe classroom and learning environments


  • 'Beyond Monet: The Artful Science of Instructional Integration' - Barrie Bennett -Please click HERE to download

  • 'Classroom Management' - Barrie Bennett - Please click HERE to download

  • 'Cooperative Learning' - Barrie Bennett - Please click HERE to download.