Learning Intentions

A learning intention for a lesson or series of lessons is a statement, created by the teacher, that describes clearly what the teacher wants the students to know, understand, and be able to do as a result of learning and teaching activities.

In Junior Cycle learning intentions are always linked to one or more learning outcomes in the subject specification.

Research shows that students who regularly receive this information in the classroom are more focused for longer periods of time, more motivated and active in their learning & better able to take responsibility for their own learning.

Why Learning Intentions?

Learning Intentions are ...

  • written in student friendly, age appropriate language from the students’ perspective (e.g. We are learning to:). and post the learning intentions visibly in the classroom.

  • achievable for all students.

  • provide the teacher with the opportunity to introduce new language at the beginning of a topic/lesson

  • shared with our students at appropriate times in each unit of learning/lesson.

  • connected to instruction and when students are engaged in learning activities. They focus on what the students will be learning.

  • clarified with students to ensure that students and teacher share the same understanding of what is to be learned.

  • help to achieve the learning outcomes from the subject specification / syllabus.

Furthermore ...

  • we will provide our students time and opportunity to reflect on and discuss the learning intentions

  • we will ask our students to monitor their progress in relation to the learning intention.

Next Steps ......

Dr.John Hattie talks about Learning Intentions & Success Criteria >>

"It's not about the task" .... Hattie

"Clear learning intentions should help students focus not just on the task or activity taking place but on what they are learning". NCCA, p.5

Aligning with our School Improvement Plan (2020-2022) (Click arrow >>>)

  • One of our School Improvement targets for 2020 – 2021 was improving the explicit sharing of Learning Intentions with our students.

  • Building on this, one of our improvement targets during 2021-2022 will be to increase percentage indicators for use of success criteria by 20%. Please see HERE

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