Group Work in a Socially-Distanced OR in an Online Classroom 

Key Skills

Required Resources

In the Classroom setting

Online Teaching & Learning

The Technology: Break-out Rooms in Google Meet

Group Work: Presentation

Organising & Assigning Group Roles 

Group Work - Learning From Home

Group Work in a Socially Distanced Classroom 

Define each role clearly to the whole class. Highlight that all students primary role is active participant in the group.

 The following are four roles commonly used to improve the organisation of group work:

 Cue cards with raised hand, question, comment could be used in the physically distanced classroom.

Junior Cycle for Teachers Resource - Assigning Group Roles

Assigning Group Roles.mp4

Points to Note / Alternative Approaches. 

Alternative Approaches. 

 An alternative online approach could be to use mind-mapping technologies such as SImpleMind or Coggle. Each student produces their own Coggle / SimpleMind. They can either share through Google Classroom or present & talk about their mindmap using the "Present" function on GoogleMeet. 

• Another alternative might be to use a shared GoogleDoc preformatted with a placemat between four students. 


Teacher Resources for Group Work Activities. 

KWL Chart.pdf
Conflict Map.pdf