Blue Sky Thinking Using Mentimeter

Blue Sky Thinking in a Socially-Distanced Classroom using Mentimeter

  • This strategy is a means of kick-starting a student’s imagination and compels students to provide a variety of options or ideas.

Key Skills

  • Managing information and thinking

  • Managing myself

  • Communicating

  • Being literate

  • Being creative

  • Working with others

Required Resources

In the Classroom setting

  • Mentimeter account. (Trial version is sufficient & students do not necessarily need an account)

  • Teacher PC / Laptop

  • Projector

  • Students: Mobile phones, tablets or chrome book.

Online Teaching & Learning

  • Mentimeter account. (Trial version is sufficient)

  • Teacher PC / Laptop

  • GoogleMeet

  • Students: Mobile phones, tablets or chrome book.

The Technology: Mentimeter

  • Mentimeter is a tool that allows teachers engage and interact with students in real-time.

  • Mentimeter provides the ability to generate questions, assign polls, get image feedback, create matrices and more.

  • The teacher and students can use word clouds, open-ended questions and more to start conversations and spark ideas in the classroom.


  • Mentimeter gives every student a voice, and prevents only the loudest in the class from being heard.

  • Students can answer and contribute using their smartphones.

  • Class group results, contributions etc can be downloaded as a PDF and shared with the whole class through Google Classroom.

How to use Mentimeter: Instructional Videos.

Mentimeter Tutorial

5 Ways to use Mentimeter to Interact & Engage

Mentimeter for the digital classroom - Webinar

Classroom Approaches / Strategies

  • Divide students into pairs.

    • (During curent restrictions, paired students will be in close proximity while maintaining required 1m distance.)

  • Each student will go to on their device / smartphone

    • (NOTE: Teachers use to set up the presentation / question and students use

  • They will input the classroom code when prompted.

  • Students are set a problem or question on the menti wall which they discuss in pairs.

    • (NOTE: Discussions will be noisy with masks!)

  • Each pair should be encouraged to give answers and be as creative as they can be .... the sky is the limit.

  • One member of each pair / group will share their ideas on the menti wall.

  • Once enough answers have been generated: the answers are discussed and eliminated until a solid few remain.

  • These answers will form the basis of a more detailed discussion in order to arrive at a solution to the question.

Junior Cycle for Teachers Resource

Points to Note / Alternative Approaches.

  • Students working together in virtual groups / pairs can generate lots of ideas.

  • Ensure all students get an equal opportunity to share.

  • Highlight that students should not be afraid to give wrong answers, as these may trigger an answer for someone else.

  • After the students have posted their ideas digitally on the mentimeter wall, the teacher can then help focus the discussion by introducing a number of simple criteria that should ultimately refine the ideas..

Alternative Approaches.

  • A follow-up activity might be to might be to use a shared GoogleDoc, preformatted with a placemat between four students.


Example of student feedback on a Mentimeter wall.

Menti word-cloud wall generated during a 6th Year Geography Lesson

Menti wall generated during a 2nd Year Enlgish lesson.