Students Reflecting on their Learning

Why is reflection an important part of learning?

Whilst most people engage in reflection on a daily basis, much of this occurs in quiet moments by ourselves. Most students are not used to reflecting on their learning in a structured manner. They need some help to develop skills in reflective thinking and writing. Whilst this skill may be new to them at first, they will become more familiar with it as they progress through Junior & Senior Cycle. 

Through reflection ‘in’ and ‘on’ learning students can:

Examples of how students can reflect on their learning:

Prompts for Student Reflection 

Aligning with our School Improvement Plan 

SIP Target: To Increase percentage indicators to show that students have adequate time to reflect on their learning and/or feedback from their teacher. 

Actions to meet this target during 2021-2022: 


Strategies & Approaches 

Learning log

The purple pen for reflection

Reflection and ‘self-talk’



Exit Ticket

Teacher Resources 

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Examples of Subject Specific Resources  for Student Reflection on Learning

Student Reflection on a Unit of Learning (JCT Geography Team)  - Click HERE

English CBA 2 Student Reflection Template (JCT English Team)  - Click HERE

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