Mystery Art Show

Mystery Art Show


What? An awesome art show and sale of beautiful artwork by our children, teachers, parents, professional artists, and a celeb or two, at the James Fuentes Gallery. All the work will be for sale to benefit The Earth School, BUT you won't know whose artwork you're buying! A kid's? A teacher's? A parent’s? An artist’s? Therein lies the mystery.

Why? The Mystery Art Show is a fantastic opportunity to buy very affordable artwork to benefit our school as well as to foster our community’s creativity.

When? Monday, April 3rd , 5 - 8 p.m.

Where? The Fuentes Gallery, 55 Delancey St, btw Allen and Eldridge

How to help: The PA is asking the children to contribute a piece of art. Art paper and instructions were sent home before the vacation. Kids and adults will work on their masterpieces and bring them back to school by March 30.