Play and Creative Movement

Play and Creative Movement

Vincent Grady (a.k.a. Spinny Vinny)—freestyle soccer performer, movement educator, and flow facilitatorpresents a fun, innovative curriculum that includes:

sport skill-related activities:

volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and floor hockey

creative movement:

dance, freestyle, obstacle course

fitness/fun games:

hula hoop, jump rope, relay runs

The curriculum is divided into 3 themes over the course of the year:

Theme 1: Funky Feet


Fundamental Motor Movements (FMM):

skipping, hopping, running, shuffling, dodging

Dance: expression, rhythm, coordination

Hop Scotch, Jump rope: rhythm, coordination

Sport-related activity: Soccer

Theme 2: Hungry for Hoops


FMM: catching, dribbling, throwing, crawling

Sport-related activity: basketball

Fitness/Dance: Hula Hoop, obstacle course

Theme 3: Happy Hands


FMM: Catching, throwing, hitting, clapping,

Sport-related activity: volleyball, floor hockey, tennis

Body percussion, hand clapping, hand stands

In step with the overall progressive and child-centered approach of the Earth School, we conceive of human movement and play as an interactive and socially constructed experience, with knowledge and skill acquisition a constructive, child generated experience. We concur with scholars and theorists who believe that technical/tactical skills and fundamental motor movements are intrinsically social and thus best learned in a play environment characterized by a community of learners who exhibit high levels of intrinsic motivation and a strong ludic (playful) sense. We conceptualize physical education in the broadest possible sense—one that includes aesthetic, ludic, collaborative, and sporting (competitive) elements.