Community Mural

May 2022

We would like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who braved the heat on Saturday, May 21, to help us paint the mural in the big yard! It looks FANTASTIC!

It was truly awesome to see so many from our community—students, parents, siblings, teachers—come together to CREATE. As we emerge from the difficulties of the past couple of years—and enter our 30th year as a school—the mural will be a daily reminder of the strength of our community.

Speaking of community, the project was only possible because so many people contributed time and talent to bring it to fruition. Special shout-outs go to: Cara for keeping us on track and designing the fliers, Silvina for her beautiful artwork design and drawing, Abe for lending supplies and expertise on prepping the wall, Kaiser for working with students to inspire ideas, the wall-prep team (Abe, Cara, Carlyn, Mike, Ellen, Elise, and Keith) for making the wall a blank slate, and Blick Art Supplies and Janovic Paint for providing discounted supplies.

And none of this would have been possible without EVERYONE who came out to join us!! We may have gotten sweaty, tired, and splattered in paint, but we can truly be proud of what we accomplished!