Guiding Questions

The Earth School’s Guiding Questions

To recognize the wonder and importance of the world and its inhabitants, to enrich our lives, to make wise decisions, we are guided by the following questions:

For Knowing and Learning

How do I find out about this? Come to know this?

What did I discover?

Why is this important?

Where does this fit in?

Is there another way of looking at this?

Do I have enough information?

For Being with Others

How can I help?

How do my actions affect others, myself, the environment?

Who is here? Who is not here?

Am I being respectful to myself and others?

How is this like me? …different from me?

For Living on the Planet

Am I being respectful toward the planet and its resources?

Do I really need this?

Where does this come from? Where will it go?

Am I leaving this (place, situation) better than I found it?