Class Parents

Be Your Child's Class Parent!

Have a positive impact! Help out your child’s teacher!

Make the Earth School even better!

How? Become a class parent!

Class parents are classroom ambassadors, communicating information from the Earth School PA and administration to their classroom community and vice versa. Each classroom needs two class parents.

If you choose to accept this mission,

you will:

  • connect class families via email,and through Konstella

  • maintain ongoing communication between your child’s teacher and fellow class families regarding field trips, class events and classroom needs

  • organize class breakfasts as well as holiday and end-of-year teacher and para gifts. (hint: a class parent sometimes needs to be discreet.)

  • be a positive presence in each classroom and help every family feel like they belong and have a voice.

If you’d like to become a class parent, please let your teacher know and they’ll get you started.

You can also contact our ES Parent Coordinator,

Jocelyn Walsh, in Room 126.

You’re gonna be great! (Both of you.)