Sight Words & Phonics Spelling Patterns

Dear Parents,

Below you will find a new list of the 122 CCC sight words your child will be expected to know by the end of first grade (with review words from kindergarten as well). You can use this list to help your child practice at home. With regards to spelling these words, we do not expect first graders to spell every single one of these words correctly, but you can still use this list as a way to help improve their spelling when they write as many are words they will write frequently. The list is in alphabetical order so it should be easier to find words to spell.

Additionally, every week on your child’s homework, you will see weekly sight words that correspond with this list. We have broken them up so that a small set of words can be focused on each week. The week numbers correlate the to week we are on for Being a Reader, so the week number may not align with the actual week of school, as we will occasionally take a break from introducing new words some weeks. These words will help your child progress as a reader. The sight words can be found on our First Grade Website in both list and flashcard format if you are interested in printing at home for practice. Print two sets of the flashcards and play a family game of memory!

The reason these are called “sight words” or “high frequency words” is because they are words that we frequently come across as readers and at times they do not follow spelling patterns, so therefore cannot be sounded out. When your child comes across one of these words when reading, try to point it out and remind them that it may not be able to be sounded out. As students start to recognize these words, their reading fluency (do they sound like fluent readers) and accuracy increase.

We will then move into teaching common phonics spelling patterns to help students continue to grow in their reading and writing. Throughout the year we will take the occasional break and have fun seasonal word lists.

Happy Reading,

The First Grade Teachers

Sight Words By Being a Reader Week

Week 1: and, the, me, see, you, we, are, can, is, he

Week 2: she, can't, isn't, to, get, no, yes, down, go, where

Week 3: my, by, here, saw, they, was, little, put, what, do

Week 4: like, have, home, said, of, her, his, some, come, out

Week 5: say, says, so, make, there, be, look, good, want, water

Week 6: from, for, again, many, people, your, very, could, would, should

Week 7: were, both, does, every, other, mother, brother, woman, women, boy

Week 8: toward, over, their, old, cold, told, one, two, don't, won't

Week 9: too, who, school, thought, father, after, work, head, read, never

Week 10: ever, only, give, live, walk, talk, because, children, even, picture

Week 11: move, great, though, once, enough, watch, been, few, kind, find

Week 12: mind, word, four, answer, learn, young, large, earth, most, change

Phonics Spelling Patterns

Continue to review the above sight words at home. For the remainder of the school year we will focus on spelling patterns to help students continue to grow in both their reading and writing.

Week 13 short ă: map, sad, bat, ham, cat, mad, fan, van, glad, crab

Week 14 short ĕ: bed, hen, men, leg, web, ten, egg, vet, nest, tent

Week 15 short ĭ: sit, pig, tin, dig, wig, six, kid, win, spin, gift

Week 16 short ŏ: log, dot, fox, hot, hop, box, mop, dog, stop, frog

Week 17 short ŭ: bug, fun, cup, gum, hug, rug, sun, mud, club, plug

Week 18 digraph /ch/: chin, chips, rich, chick, chat, chick, such, child, chain, cheese

Week 19 digraph /sh/: ship, shop, shut, shell, shine, fish, flash, shark, sheep, shine

Week 20 digraph /th/: thin, that, think, three, bath, this, math, path, these, thick

Week 21 blends with l, r, s: play, blue, fly, from, friend, drink, try, smile, star, skate

Week 22 long ā spelled a_e: cake, make, game, same, late, gate, face, lace, name, shake, snake

Week 23 long ī spelled i_e: hide, time, line, bike, five, mine, kite, like, slide, prize

Week 24 long ō spelled o_e: note, vote, joke, home, hope, cone, bone, rose, broke, phone

Week 25 long ū spelled u_e: cube, cute, huge, use, tune, rude, mule, tube, June, flute

Week 26 long ē spelled e_e, ea, ee, -e: eve, these, dream, team, beach, meal, sleep, queen, we, me

Week 27 long ā spelled ai, ay: rain, main, braid, paint, train, day, clay, stay, gray, crayon

Week 28 long ī spelled ie, igh, -y: pie, tie, lie, high, might, bright, fly, try, why, cry

Week 29 long ō spelled oa, ow: boat, soap, coat, throat, toast, show, grow, own, slow, snow

Week 30 R-Controlled Vowels /ar/ & /or/: park, art, yard, card, party, storm, fort, north, short, sports

Week 31 R-Controlled Vowels /er/, /ir/, & /ur/: germ, her, fern, dirt, stir, first, turn, hurt, surf, purple