Reading & Language Arts

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Center for the Collaborative Classroom

This year we are starting with a new language arts curriculum called Center for the Collaborative Classroom or CCC. There are 3 main components to the program:

  • Being a Reader

  • Making Meaning

  • Being a Writer

Through the 3 components, students will strengthen their reading and writing skills through a variety of activities from shared reading and writing, independent and small group reading and word practice, and independent writing (to name a few).

We will also be focusing on Weekly High Frequency Words that students are expected to read and spell correctly in their writing.

Reading at Home

Your child should spend at least 20 minutes each day reading. Any type of reading counts, including the Epic! and RAZ Kids. We will not be collecting a written reading log, but do expect it to be a part of your daily routine with your child.

The key to success in school, from elementary school to college is READING. Help your child learn to love reading. Read to them, with them, or let them read to you. Talk about the book and ask questions. Remember that independent reading should be done at a level at which your child can read and understand with ease. Material that is too challenging (reader struggles with 3 or more words on a page) leads to a lack of fluency and problems with comprehension.