• This year there will be daily assemblies as well as short, all school P.E. sessions before heading to class. Attendance will be taken in line before these activities and a child is considered tardy when he/she arrives after the class has taken attendance at 8:15. Tardies will be reported to the office. Joining the class late disorients children and they miss out on important routines and directions. Please be sure your child arrives ready and on time!
  • Upon returning from an absence, your child should bring a note stating the dates and reason for the absence. Parents, please try to schedule doctor's appointments after school hours.
  • If you are going on a trip and your child will be out of school 5 or more days, please let the office know in advance so that an independent study can be prepared. Remember that when your student misses school, they miss out on many learning opportunities that cannot be made up outside of the classroom. Of course it is understandable for students to be absent for excused reasons, such as sickness.
  • Please note that our school district loses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year due to unexcused absences. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do your very best to have your child in school each day. Of course we want ill children to stay home, but please help our district by planning your vacation on non-school days. Thank you!